My name is Jeremiah.
This website was created so you would get to know me and why I did this poster.
I hope to answer any questions you may have. I was
born in Straughton Wisconsin to Gerald and Joanne Youmans. I attended
Marshfield schools first grade through twelvth. I have always been a good person.
I grew up in a stable loving home with the best parents anybody could ever want.
I attended First Assembly of God throughout my childhood. My pastor was Fred Lawley. I grew up, moved out and got a job in Springfield Missouri. My first job that I took was working at George's Steak House, andI still work there part time. I have one brother, David, and two sisters, Pam and Brianna. David works for City Cab, Pam is married, and 7 year old Brianna is in the first grade.

I can't believe the success this poster has made. My contact in New York City is a television producer. She has handed out thousands of these posters to the firefighters in New York. She works with Rick Camacho ( We are currently trying to display it at ground zero. I will sign a release form authorizing them to photoscan it for the purpose of enlarging it into a billboard or large mural. It will be displayed next to the Iron Cross. This poster gets rave reviews everywhere it goes.(Click here to see where the poster has been displayed) Dr. James Olsen, M.D.(President of City of Faith Ministries) and Dominick father took over 50 9-11 posters to Jefferson City, Missouri and gave them to several politicians and Governor Holden. I hope I have answered most of your questions.

Warmest regards,
Jeremiah Youmans

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